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High Speed Internet is a subject on every Hoteliers mind today. Whether required by your Hotel chain or desired in order to attract new guests to your Hotel, Internet access is a ‘must have’ amenity if a Hotel wants to keep up with ever growing competition.

Along with this decision come many questions facing the Hotelier. C3 has the answers you are looking for as well as answers to other questions you should be asking of a prospective High Speed Internet Provider.Hotel construction and infrastructure is not all the same. For that reason no one technology fits every properties needs.

C3 currently offers many different customized solutions to meet all the needs of your Hotel. By applying different technologies whether wireless or wired, Data Over Voice or VDSL, Coaxial transport or Data Over Power Line, C3 has the system that is the best for your property.

Through the application of these proven technologies C3 will provide you with the most reliable and cost effective solutions available today. So call a C3 Consultant today and see just how much you can save 1 (734) 390-2566.

Frequently Asked Questions

What type of system do I need?

Does my system meet my hotel chain requirements?

How can I get the best price without sacrificing quality?

Will the company I use be there for me when there is a need for service or if a Guest has a problem?

How much can I expect to pay to maintain my system hardware after the warrentee is expired?

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